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Orient Express (Formerly known as Treca Interiors Paris) – Haute-Couture Beds by Top Designers

For the past 80 years, Treca Interiors Paris has served the exacting requirements of international clients who appreciate French-made quality and the possibility of personal service and customized products. In 2015, Treca Interiors Paris joined strength with the legendary Orient Express to launch an exceptional new collection.


Orient Express also believes that comfort is not merely a matter of the feel and support offered by the bed. The quality of your sleep and your feeling of well-being in your bedroom are also the consequence of your choices of décor. Orient Express offers a whole spectrum of beds with lines going from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from the most classical to the most contemporary, all designed by world renowned designers such as Annette Lang, Andreas Weber and Matteo Thun. Orient Express is also the bed maker for some internationally well-known fashion labels.

Celebrity users include French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Royal Families of Saudi Arabia and India, Michael Schumacher, Jacky Chan and many others. Orient Express beds are also used in the presidential suites of many luxury hotels in the world such as the Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel.


Learn more: http://www.orient-express.eu/en/