1. Top Layer of the Bed

The icing of a cake always gives the first impression. A large throw with fabulous pattern injects a prominent and dynamic thematic element to the bed as well as leads it to be the focus of the room instantly. Randomly draping the throw across the corner of the bed makes it casual.


  1. The Subtle Effect of Right Number

Added to two pillows, three or five cushions can be displayed in a stylish symmetrical arrangement. They would also be an ideal support for reading in the bed.

  1. Multiple Layers

Layers of bedding and pile-up accessories help to create a carefree but luxurious look. Lean the cushions against the headboard and stack the pillows in a juxtaposition design and contrast colours.

  1. Theme colour

Shed the spotlight to the bed by dressing it with an audacious bedding design or theme colour. The patterned and textured accessories can complement its gorgeous design.

  1. Quality is the key

After all, the quality of bedding is the most important issue and crucial for your sense of touch as well as a perfect rest. The best bedding gives you the utmost enjoyment of sleep.