Imagine that you sit next to the view stretching to the boundless ocean and sip your coffee in a mug with fine painting of vivid animals, both the savory and visual enjoyment let you relax in a luxurious and lively environment.

Being artworks as well as daily goods, the production of the renowned English artist, Rory Dobner, who was awarded the prestigious title of Burns Young Artist of the Year in 1998, never disappoint their fans.

Dobner features his painting on a wide range of medium, from kitchenware to stationery, from tiles to cushions, and bestows them spirit. His works can always fit into your life according to your preference.

Exhibiting his artworks in different museums and galleries across the world, such as Wild Rains Gallery, Sydney and The Notting Hill Arts Club, London, Dobner does not give up to explore innovated inspiration.

The young painter has already stunned us with his breathtaking skills. The world is surely keeping its eyes on his coming achievement.