Your bed is probably used much more than any other item you own; moreover, it is not used evenly, as you habitually sleep and sit on particular areas. Savoir Beds uses the finest natural materials and construction techniques but it is essential that you maintain the bed to get the best from it.

A Savoir Bed will provide outstanding comfort for many years, provided you take good care of it. The same or similar care can apply to any mattress to prolong its durability and comfort.

The most important requirement is that you spread the wear and allow the natural materials to settle evenly. Unless you do this, the hair and wool will settle only in the areas you sleep, creating dips which, in turn, will deepen as you will naturally tend to sleep in them.

To avoid problems, turn your topper every time you change your sheets, and turn your mattress monthly. This allows the fillings to settle evenly, as the pressure is spread much more equally on the bottom surface than on the upper surface. It also allows the fillings to air.

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